Ideation Canvas

Today we learned about Ideation Canvas. In that in first top most box we have to write people around us. Then below that two boxes were there. In which left side was Activities and right side was Situation/Context/Location was written. First we have to choose one user and write activities which he/she is doing and in third box we had to write the location and reason for activity. And we had to repeat this process for other all peoples. And in last box we have to create problems faced by people during activity and had to write solutions for them. It was a Wonderful Experience

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Ozone day


Ozone is one of the most important gas which protect human form ultra-violet ray and also other harmful gases, so it is important to make awareness about ozone gas and also save it from depleting is our duty towards nature,So to create this awarness among people ,from civil engineering department ,ME student organised function to spread knowlege about ozone gasthe students have prepared and presented a detail information on ozone gas, 

where it is located,percentage of gas in atmosphere and etc, the had also made a model on the particular day in support for ozone gas

 The phaseout of controlled uses of ozone depleting substances and the related reductions have not only helped protect the ozone layer for this and future generations, but have also contributed significantly to global efforts to address climate change; furthermore, it has protected human health and ecosystems by limiting the harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the earth.



Finally the most awaited day has came we all were so excited for this year scet navratri because DJ ricky was invited and live Orchestra was also there.

About 7:30 we reached to the college and joined the garba and dodhiya in between this we heard that our college won the zonal level of youthfest and wpn the tittle of CHAMPIONS and won the CHAMPIONS TROPHY. 

So enthusiasm was added in the navratri night .all were well dressed and with full enjoyment , grace , and happily dancing there.

After we went to sargam shopping centre and drunk Oreo shake and then reached home by 11:30.



End of 10 days and visarjan’s day has been arrived at around 1:00 pm dhol Nagada and crackers were started making noise .

Ganpati ji in our society was took up in a truck and small children and some elders also climb on truck.Ladies were playing garba around them and boys were doing dance.

Aarti was started and after that rice was thrown on the ganeshji. Truck started slowly and we were walking behind it.

We went only half of the way .

Made a wish to ganesh ji that come soon in next year.



sunday morning 10 am, got ready to go citylight terapanth bhavan for our samaj’s Jamanvar at 11:30 I went to the venue and met everyone and had a talk with them.

After that committee member’s general meeting started and new rules and regulations were made after that ladies meeting started and changes were created.

At noon around 1:00 pm we took our lunch in lunch we ate roti , sabji , samosa , rabdi etc and after doing some time pass , I and my friends went to nearby cafe and ate vadapav drunk coco and had a chocolate pan at the end and came back to the bhavan.

At evening we clicked some photos played ludo in phone and had dinner at 7 pm, in that we ate manchurian , dhosa , paav bhaji etc.

When i reached to home , our society had arranged a fun fair  so i joined that and had fun .


Morning , got up and got ready went to college attended lectures after that i had to made model of building construction so we met at siddh’s home and started thinking on it.

We went to furniture shop and asked them if they have plywood sheet of 3 by 2 feet.But we didn’t find any.

So we just went to one site and collect wood and came back to home and started cutting it .

And we did half of our model.


Garba night 

On this day as usual woke up got ready and went to college attempt lectures and came back to home and got to know that i had invitation of Swarnbhumi plot for garba nighgt.

I was excited and arranged my cloths like navratri dress and got ready by 8:30 my friend came to pick me up and we went to the ground waited for others and finaly took entry in the ground.

I saw singer Aishwarya Majmoodar was singing and number of people were dancing and doing garba.

We started to do garba and around 12:30 am we started our own garba style and all audience were attracted by us and joining us .It was a great fun.

After that we went to night bazar and eat dhosa chinese etc and then went to home at around 3:00 am.


Empathy mapping

Students have to select a person who live in selected area and see his approach and his life connected with selected area and subject. and  See happy-happy and sad-sad situation. about his daily life from started sun burn to cool down. Student can approach with empathizing the people are related to project and explore more productive thinking.

We had choose different people for example Peon , principal , student , HOD , faculties etc.

And wrote two happy story and sad story about them and express the feelings which they experienced in daily life.


Morning 7 am ,

Got fresh and went to college we had to do practical on field for four hours in surveying subject.

First two hours we did project on Gayles table and after that 15 min break and on curves project.

It was sunny day so we all were sweating and doing project with theodolite , ranging rod , wooden pegs etc

After that we did calculation and draw sheets and showed to respected faculties.

Went to home took rest for sometime and did other work related to study and watched tv.


Freshers 2017

In this year our college organised freshers party for freshers in vijya lakshmi hall at 7 pm onwards and this time our guest was Priyank sharma  contestant of roadies 10 and Splitsvilla 10.

All college students were invited through passes so the hall was full of public and we danced on Dj rickys songs and waited for priyank sharma to come.

Finally he came at 9:30 pm in black and black shirt and pant.We danced with him .After that we went to eat aloo paratha and then home.

Day well spent.